About Torque Monkeys


About Torque Monkeys

Publish 12 August, 2014

Torque Monkeys isn't just another motoring site. Here, we encourage you to share your projects and dreams! See what other enthusiasts are up to as well as reading great features about motoring in its many forms.

Everyone is welcome to Blog about their machines, whether you own one vehicle or several. Start a Project for each one! Visit the Collective to see what's going on, and to access the Torque Monkeys forum.

We'll also keep you informed about the many motoring titles that Kelsey Publishing now offers. It has a huge motoring portfolio, of which Torque Monkeys is just a part. We'll feature quotes and insider information from the editors and staff on these titles. They'll even share some of their own Project details.

All we ask is that everyone tries to focus on positivity when commenting on other people's projects. Sharing a project can be a rewarding experience, but try not to voice negative opinions if you don't like something. We'll never all agree on every detail! If you don't like it, move on. There will be plenty of other projects to see!